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We love to talk about what the QuickFlickers are doing outside of QuickFlicks:

  • Former QuickFlicks member, St. John Smith, has boldly started QuickFlicks Brazil in Sao Paolo with an exciting group of up-and-coming Brazilian filmmakers. Now every month we share parameters and exchange films with them, making QuickFlicks an international affair!
  • Guy Shahar has stepped on board with helmer David Broitman to Co-Produce "Don't Shoot the Pharmacist", starring 'Cash Cab' star and comedian Ben Bailey and MTV host Godfrey. UPDATE: The feature film is currently in post production and will be coming out in 2007.
  • Congratulations to Guy Shahar, John Grady, and Tak Inagaki, whose films were selected by AMC to appear during their Monsterfest Week. Click here for the scoop!
  • ANDEE KINZY's, "WHAT IS IT ABOUT HATS? A Documentary About the People Under the Brim" will have a special sneak preview screening on May 8th in Columbus, OH as part of the "Hey Columbus, What's on Your Head" month-long hat celebration. A ten-minute trailer of the piece (the same one made for Aug '01 QuickFlicks) will be looped on permanent display at the Cultural Arts Center Main Hall Gallery Exhibit throughout the month. More info...
  • JEFF TURBOFF is being interviewed by the DV Guys about his experience in QuickFlicks. It will be archived for up to 12 weeks.
  • SUZANNE SCHULZ is the recipient of a Fellowship granting her the opportunity to spend a year in India shooting a documentary (we know she speaks Hindi very well from her Secrets & Camera Movement QuickFlick).
  • MANINDER SAINI is traveling around the country teaching everyone else how to use HiDef Video. No, we haven't seen a QuickFlick using one of those cameras!
  • VERONIKA SCHMIDT SURLA had a successful screening of her Angels & Angles QuickFlick, "Angels Day Off" at a recent NJ film festival.
  • A portion of ANDEE KINZY's Love & Dialogue QuickFlick, "Miki's Movie" was included in Oxygen's Special Presentation "The Real Men We Love."