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Each of our films adheres to two parameters: one aesthetic and one technical. Listed here are all our films and parameters since the inception of the group:

  Date Aesthetic Technical
  May '01 One Shot    
  June '01 Color Outside  
  July '01 Love Dialogue  
  Aug '01 Door Opens Lighting  
  Sept '01 Lowes Policy Trailer    
  Oct '01 Angels Angels  
  Nov '01 Finish the Script    
  Dec '01 Holidays Recurrence  
  Jan '02 Haiku Shadows  
  Feb '02 Magic Time  
  Mar'02 Secrets Camera Movement  
  April '02 Hunger Sound Effects  
  May '02 Anniversary Costume  
  June '02 48-Hour Film Project  
  July '02 Monologue Re-used footage  
  Aug '02 Heat Camera as Character  
  Sept '02 Strangers Reflections  
  Oct '02 Math Stylistically Derivative  
  Nov '02 Masks Sound  
  Jan '03 Animals Animation  
  Feb '03 Personal Conflict Silent Film  
  Mar '03 Weather One Hour Shoot  
  Apr '03 Nudity Parallel Action  
  May '03 AMC MonsterFest  
  July '03 Cocktails Shake It Up!  
  Aug '03 Maritime  
  Sep '03 Money Hidden Camera.  
  Nov '03 Lust No Camera Movement  
  Jan '04 Resolution Dolly Shot  
  Feb. '04 Rebirth Bird's Eye View  
  Mar '04 Separation All Close-Ups  
  Apr '04 Unfulfillment Shadows  
  May '04 Betrayal 360 Degree Shot  
  Jun '04 Vulnerability On-Screen Text  
  Jul '04 Glass Worm's Eye View  
  Aug '04 Speed Slow Motion  
  Sept '04 White Reflection  
  Oct '04 Pain Camera POV (Camera As Character)  
  Nov '04 News Campy Transitions  
  Jan '05 Strangers One-Hour Shoot  
  Feb '05 Concealment Split Screen  
  Mar '05 Object Of Desire Stop-Motion Animation  
  Apr '05 Suspense/ Whip Pan Transition  
  May '05 Malfunction Pot Luck Props  
  Jun '05 Color Hero's Journey  
  Aug '05 Bible Quote Bird's Eye View