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Douglas G. Davis Doug began his career in Los Angeles where he worked in feature film development for companies like Brillstein-Grey and producer Cotty Chubb (Hoffa, Eve’s Bayou). After heading back east, Doug found success in directing and producing live multi-camera comedy shows for comedians like Howie Mandel, Richard Jeni, Craig Shoemaker, Anthony Clark, and Kevin Pollack.

Doug followed this up with projects for MTV, Animal Planet, PBS, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon and the Discovery/Times Channel. In 2003 Doug directed and produced the hidden camera documentary, NY 24.

Doug spent 2004 on the campaign trail with Senator John Kerry, first as a producer for the Discovery/Times show "Staffers" and then as the producer/shooter for the feature documentary "Inside the Bubble." "Inside the Bubble" is slated for a fall '05 theatrical release.