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It was time to stop dreaming and start planning that film we were going to make... It was time to quit talking and start making. It was time to get off our asses regardless of lack of funds, crew, time, talent, etc.


In April of 2001, three filmmakers (Andee Kinzy, Veronika Schmidt Surla & Max Surla) sat down to have a discussion about their new toys (a.k.a. their newly purchased Canon GL-1 MiniDV cameras). Foremost in their minds was the fact that although the Digital Revolution certainly made filmmaking a heck of a lot more accessible, it seemed that actually making films was just as complicated as ever (i.e. funding, crew, time, etc.). As luck would have it, the filmmakers had a friend out in LA who was dealing with the same issues. The LA solution was to start Group 101 Films. So inspired, we set out to create a monthly filmmaking collective in NYC. We put the word out and soon found ourselves in the midst of a bunch of serious filmmaking fools who come from various walks of life.


Our mission is: One Month. One Film. No excuses. Luckily, the Digital Revolution helps us make our movies (albeit, short ones) with little or no budget. Money is no longer an issue. Well, it IS, but... Wait! That's another thing – there is no whining (about lack of funds, ideas, or anything else for that matter) allowed. If you have to beg, borrow or barter every month to get your stories made, then you do it. And instead of complaining about how hard it was, you get to revel in the glory of succeeding - despite all odds.

So every month we get together to view our completed projects, talk about what worked and what didn't, share tips about making flicks, and set the parameters for the next month.


Because it’s fun! And we love making films! (Some of us already have 13 films under our belts.) And we get a kick out of seeing what happens to our creative energy when we've got a seemingly ridiculous deadline. And although many of the QuickFlickers are involved in the film industry, we had lost the freedom to work on our own stories, we lost the freedom to explore, the freedom to make mistakes and learn from the mistakes, the freedom to try new things. Basically, we wanted to make films for the love of filmmaking and to learn by doing. THE FIRST MONTH’s PARAMETER was - One shot. Any topic. Any length. No editing. So we got shootin'!


Why not? We are currently accepting new members. Of course it's not as easy as we all make it seem (cough). You'll need a camera and editing equipment (or access to both), and the desire and persistence to make one film each month.

To get the process started Contact us and introduce yourself.

  1. Your name
  2. What brand and model camera you shoot on
  3. What editing system you use
  4. What kind of filmmaking experience you have and
  5. Why you want to join Quickflicks.
There will be an orientation meeting in September for those applying for the class of 2006-7. Make sure to read more about how we work.


Absolutely. It's tough making a film each month. We're always looking for talent, crew members, or prospective collaborators. If you're an actor, email your headshot/resume to us. Others, please contact us with an introduction, resume, etc. We'll add you to our resource list so that our filmmakers can contact you with their specific needs.